Are New Year’s Resolutions Outdated?

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What are your thoughts? Time honored tradition or outdated cliche in practice? Is it a productive exercise or futile? Do people make them and follow through or break them before February has began?

For me I love new years resolutions. Mostly because I love the idea of starting fresh. Its a reason to start over. The other reason is i strongly believe in goal setting. When we set a goal and write it down we are 80% more likely to follow through with it than if we had not set a goal. 80% more likely, merits repeating, thats a high number. One author wrote that a goal is a dream with a deadline on it.

And I am a dreamer. It’s fun to look at those dreams and create goals. Then I can make a plan, take action, and move towards my dreams. Goals and dreams require action to become a reality. One of the things Lionel and I have made a practice of is writing our goals down for the year, then create one to three actions to take towards those goals. Putting those on our Calendar for the year. When we put it in our Calendar and planner as an action it will initiate the activities. After all the BOLD law states “if it’s not on your calendar, it doesn’t exist.” (Dianna Kokoszka) About 95 or so of the goals I have written down I have accomplished. I have several ideas and some resources that have helped me with this process.

1. Journal your goals. This takes about 20 minutes. Write continually and don’t self edit. Nothing is out off limits. This is the dreaming portion. You can prioritize and sort after. Put numeric numbers of importance then go back and put 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, ete.

2. Use a Goal Planner. this could be a more expensive investment. Darren Hardy published a planner called “Your Best Year Ever” that is designed for setting and reaching goals for the year. The Passion Planner is another good resource with activities for setting your goals, putting actions in place and then it has a monthly and weekly Planner. I love both products for different reasons. I am sure there are other similar products. I would note that setting the activities helps you revisit the goals on a weekly and monthly basis. Because we will always fall back at some point but the planner helps you coarse correct. Like an airplane flying from New York to LA the pilot sets the destination and then constantly monitors the direction because even the slightest head winds can knock the plane off coarse. Same with our goals, when we get off coarse a bit, we adjust.

3. The last idea to share and the most fun one is a Vision Board. I created mine on a poster board. I printed pictures found online that represent my goals and dreams and also encouraging words and motivating quotes. this hangs in my office as a visual reminder. It is very powerful. I love seeing the items that are accomplished marked off ✓ and seeing what is next.

“A man plans his/her steps and God directs his/her path.” so I hold all of these goals and dreams very loosely. I take steps forward in faith. And I am willing and able to adjust when the path takes a turn.

So happy new year every one! Take some time to write out some goals and dreams.

Make 2017 year best year yet.