My One Thing for 2017 – Health and Life

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“The One Thing” for 2017. If you have known me for very long and followed myself or my husband Lionel you may have heard mention of “The One ‘thing” that is a book written by the founder of Keller Williams, Gary Keller. This book is truly one of the amazing gifts and legacies we have received from our wise and helpful owner. Simply put it’s a book on focus. More than that it’s a tool for productivity.

The main idea being “what One Thing could you do, that by doing it, everything else in your life would be made easier or even become obsolete by default.” Now when I first heard this I was like really only One Thing? There are seriously so many different things in my life. And in reading the book further in the process of discovery really became clear that it was One thing in each priority of my life- As you can see from the graph pictured here. Aha. Light bulb.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 2.00.04 PM.png

And I have been perfectly happy only setting one main goal for each area of my life the past 5 years. And that usually ended up having a domino effect to impact other things in each category. And absolutely I have experienced results and felt I was applying the concept. Yet there was still the persistent thought in the back of my mind that truly every area of my life could and would be reduced to the same goal. Hmm, what could that be?

As 2017 was approaching I set aside hours for planning. I had an 8 hour day planned to meet with my team and set goals, make plans for the year. I had about 3 calls with my business coach dedicated to strategies and goal setting. I spent countless hours in conversation with my Co-CEO/Husband going over reports, numbers, tracking, systems and I spent much time in prayer. I asked God to give me One Main Thing for 2017 that would be personal, so I thought. A theme for me if you will. An over­arching goal that would impact my personal life in such a way, that every thing else would be made easier, better, or even unnecessary. Hmm, sound familiar?

That prayer of my heart was answered and made very clear on I-l-17. I love the very specific date of that. When praying that morning God just spoke the word to my heart- Health. Health. my health? That made sense. It was a perfect answer to my questions. Of course. Then I sensed this phrase a “beautiful health that leads to life.” And that really resounded in my heart.

As my eyes welled up with tears and a knowing that God was speaking my language. And I was quickly about to assign it to my physical and spiritual goals naturally… then bam! Stopped dead in my mental tracks, I sense the words-in every area? The question rose up in me like a budding flower just opening on a sun shining morning – yes in every area my heart answered back. Every. Area.

One thing Post.jpg

Immediately I ran over the mental image of the graph shared above. Does this work in the area of finance? Healthy finances, yes and what would that look like and how would that impact my life and the answer of course was an emphatic yes. Then relationships -well yes. That was a no brainer. Healthy relationships and being intentional with those would be very healing and very life giving this year. Would this theme apply to my Business and my JOB in my business?(Yes those are two separate areas) And almost before I had finished the thought, the answer came again in a heartfelt YES. And how does that impact me, my family, my team, others that I am helping? How does that change my decisions, my actions, my mindset every day?

Everything matched up to the end goal of a healthy and life giving business and work actions which rose up in me such a passion for for what I do and empowerment to go forward and accomplish it. And empower others, my husband, my team, my family, my friends, clients, co-workers, readers like you – to do the same.

Health and Life. Two words that bring such joy, depth, peace, action, motivation, power, and promise. I am grateful for the fabric of which God has woven this into my life this year. And I am excited for the journey with Him and others as I take steps forward.

One of my favorite Proverbs is the entire 4th chapter. If you are inclined to read it I encourage you. So paraphrased from vs. 22 God’s words to us being life to those who find them and whole health to their body. Have an amazing week.

Health and Life to you.