Experts VIP Program Terms and Conditions

Referral (or Referral Lead) : a person interested in buying, selling, or investing in real estate, who is introduced by a Experts VIP Program (hereinafter “VIP Program”) Member to Experts Realty Group (hereinafter “ERG”). Introduction may be in person, in writing, verbal, or via any other method, with the intent that that person learns how ERG may be able to assist them in their real estate needs. For this program a Referral must include their name and phone number. A Referral may or may not work with ERG and may or may not close a transaction with ERG. A person may Refer themself as well! As defined for the purposes of this marketing program a “Referral” does not cause any part or share of a real estate licensee’s compensation arising or accruing from any real estate transaction or finder’s fee to the person who introduces the Referral.


A VIP Program Member will always have one of the following memberships:


Silver Membership: As a Silver Member you will receive an email on the first (1st) of every month offering a limited number of prizes. There are three (3) types of giveaways: Instant Winners, Drawings, and Events. Instant Winner prizes are awarded to the first ten (10) VIP Program Members to respond, as instructed in the email. For Drawings, simply respond as instructed in the email to be entered. Drawings will take place as detailed in the email. Some prizes are limited to one (1) prize per household. Some prizes require in person pickup by the winner. Unless otherwise noted, Events can be enjoyed by all Members. It is requested that Members RSVP as instructed in the email. By voluntarily participating you agree to the terms and conditions herein.


Gold Membership: You can upgrade from Silver Membership to Gold Membership by simply giving us the name and phone number of someone interested in real estate services offered by ERG. You are not required to convince or otherwise solicit this person to work with ERG. In addition to all the benefits of Silver Membership, as a Gold Member you will receive an invitation to a VIP Dinner as well as an invitation to participate in our Pocket Marketing Program (hereinafter “PMP”). To participate in our PMP you will receive a physical gift card in the mail preloaded with ten dollars ($10). It is your responsibility to KEEP THIS CARD and NOT load it onto a digital account. On (or around) the first (1st) of the six (6) months (hereinafter “Term”) following your upgrade to Gold Membership, ten dollars ($10) will be loaded onto that gift card for a total value, including the initial amount, of up to seventy dollars ($70). By using the gift card you are voluntarily and knowingly participating and agreeing to the terms and conditions herein. Once the Term has ended the gift card will be deactivated and your membership will be downgraded to Silver Membership.


Platinum Membership: As a Gold Member you can upgrade to Platinum by simply giving a second Referral to ERG before your Gold Membership Term has ended. As a Platinum Member you get all the benefits of Silver Membership AND Gold Membership in addition to a six (6) month extension added onto the end of your Gold Membership Term (hereinafter “Extended Term”) where an additional twenty-five dollars ($25) will be loaded onto that card for a total additional value, including the additional amount and monthly ten dollar ($10) reloads, of up to eighty-five dollars ($85). Platinum Members are also invited to an additional VIP Dinner as well as receive invitations to Exclusive Platinum Events and Outings. There is no limit to the number of Referrals you can send ERG and for every additional Referral you receive all of the benefits of Platinum Membership again. Once the Extended Term has ended the gift card will be deactivated and your membership will be downgraded to Silver Membership.


Real estate agents, Lenders, and some other professionals in related industries are excluded from participating in our VIP Program.


Termination or Suspension of Your Membership

ERG reserves the right to limit, terminate, or suspend your Membership without notice for any reason seen fit by ERG.


Modifications to these Terms

We have the right to modify these Terms or any additional terms that apply to our VIP Program at any time, including to reflect changes to the law or changes to our offerings. We will notify you of any material changes by posting information via email. Your continued use of the VIP Program after a change to the Terms will mean you accept the changes. If any changes are unacceptable to you, you may stop using the VIP Program and, if applicable, unsubscribe from our mailing list.



While we hope you enjoy our VIP Program, there are things we don’t promise about our VIP Program. Except as expressly set out in these Terms, we provide the prizes and other benefits to you on an “AS-IS” basis. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we disclaim all warranties express or implied, including the implied warranties of non-infringement, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. We do not make any promises (a) about the prizes, (b) about the specific functionality of the VIP Program, (c) about the quality, accuracy, reliability, or availability of the gift card and its company, or (d) that emails will be free from viruses or other harmful components.


Limit of Liability

We limit our liability to the fullest extent allowed by law. We will not be liable for any unintentional damage, any actual, incidental, or consequential damage, or for any loss or claim of any kind. Some jurisdictions do not allow us to have a broad limit on our liability. If you live in one of those jurisdictions, some of these limitations may not apply to you. If you are dissatisfied with any portion of the VIP Program or with any statement in these Terms, your sole remedy is to stop using the VIP Program and, if you are subscribed to any of our emails, unsubscribe to those email services.


Your Indemnity

You agree that you will indemnify and hold Expert Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty Mid-Willamette, our employees, and our agents harmless from any claims, damages, or other expenses (including attorney’s fees) that result from your use of the VIP Program and (a) your violation of these Terms or other documents incorporated herein by reference; (b) your violation of another person’s rights; or (c) any claim related to your use of the VIP Program. This indemnification obligation will continue after you stop using the VIP Program. In addition, you release Experts Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty Mid-Willamette from all claims, demands, actions, or suits in connection with your VIP Program Membership, including any liability related to our use or non-use of your Membership content, claims for defamation, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, emotional distress or economic loss.


Name and Likeness

Experts Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty Mid-Willamette shall have the right in perpetuity without limitation to use your name, image, voice and audio recordings, attributes, activities, and likeness (hereinafter “Your Likeness) in connection with our VIP Program including, without limitation, for the purpose of advertising, publicity, articles, promotional materials, television appearances and commercials, programming and interviews, in perpetuity, throughout the world and in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter devised, including, without limitation, publications, merchandising and commercial tie-ups. You further understand that Your Likeness may be subject to reasonable modification or editing and understand that, although Experts Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty Mid-Willamette will endeavour to use Your Likeness in accordance with standards of good judgement, Experts Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty Mid-Willamette cannot warrant or guarantee that any further dissemination of Your Likeness will be subject to Experts Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty Mid-Willamette supervision or control. Accordingly, you release Experts Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty Mid-Willamette from any and all liability related to the dissemination, reproduction, distribution, and/or display of Your Likeness in print or any and all other media, and any alteration, distortion or illusionary effect of Your Likeness, whether intentional or otherwise, in connection with said use. By using our VIP Program you are voluntarily participating and agrees to the Terms and Conditions herein.


Services Offered by Other Companies

We may offer you the opportunity to use services from companies other than Experts Realty Group of Keller Williams Realty Mid-Willamette. Use of those services will be subject to the terms and conditions of the companies offering the services. Please read those terms carefully. We have no responsibility related to any such third-party services.


Controlling Law

If you participate in our VIP Program via our website(s) in the United States, the laws of the State of Oregon and as applicable, those of the United States of America, govern these Terms and the use of the VIP Program. All claims brought in the United States will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Oregon.